Monday, July 7, 2014

Nazereth to Cana

Well we spent Sunday in Nazereth then walked to Cana by way of Zippori. The entire walk was suppose to be 13 km; however a mix up in the markers sent us on many more km's before we got to Cana. 

Some of my initial recations of this walk compared to the Camino is two-fold. First, the Camino is much better supported with cafe's and resturants. Second, the trail is like a landfill. There is garbage everywhere, so much for responsibility of the enviornment. As Maria says, we should send half of our EPA over here, it would be an extream benefit to both countries. 

We saw some incredible countryside today as well as historical spots. For example, in Ziporri the Sandhedrin met in the early first century. Mash'had is where Jona (sent to Ninivea in the belly of a whale) is from. Cana is where Jesus's first mircale, turning wwater into wine (you cannot find much wine here today) at the wedding feast. Enjoy the pictures to follow. 

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