Monday, January 11, 2016

Arrived at Lira

Today was in-country orientation, safety briefing and travel to Lira.  The car trip took about 5 hours with a lunch break.  For most of the way the roads were excellent, then as we approached the Nile they came under construction or should have been.  I am greatful we traveled in the daylight as we were able to see the potholes that could have consumed the Toyota SUV we were in; I am afraid if we had traveled after dark we would have dropped in one and never came out the other side.

There was a bit a of hold up at the Nile crossing so I thought I would take a picture of it; however, my guides infomred me it was against the law.  I am not yet sure why it is so, but was advised that we could ask permission on the way back; just another reminder of the freedoms we have at home.

For the dry season it is quite humid here tonight.  I am counting on a night of sound sleeping to be ready to meet the savings and loan coop tomorrow.  


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