Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 9 & 10, 2016 - Setting Foot on Mayotte Island

As I young child our mother told us about "our island" north and east of Madagascar.  We looked at it on the world atlas and over the years I have looked for an opportunity to visit.  That opportunity came along on this trip to Tanzania.  I flew over to Mayotte Island from Nairobi, Kenya for two days before heading back home.  The Island is a French Department; therefore, the language is French and the currency is the Euro.  Islam is the predominant religion here and the call to prayer loud speakers seem to be just outside my hotel window.  For the most part most of the residents are very poor.  The primary economy is tourism; however, the infrastructure is lacking as I could not find a restaurant open on Saturday evening.

On Sunday I took a water safari with Blue Water Safari where I snorkeled several reefs, lunched in a cove and saw dolphins spinning out of the water.  The water is the purest green/blue that I have ever seen.The following are the videos and pictures of the area.



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