Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mass and Lake Chala

The Kilachi Training Center is an operation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Moshi.  I have come to learn the Diocese is one of the largest employers and centers of economic development.  In addition to running the Production and Training Center they also own and operate a international bank and are building an office complex.  On Sunday I started the day with Mass at the Center then was taken on safari to Lake Chala.

Mass here is not your typical US Sunday gathering; rather it is always a colorful affair with amazing singing.

After Mass my hosts took me on safari to Lake Chala.  The lake was not too long ago a volcanic mountain that became a water fill crater after an earth quake much the same as Lake Heben in Montana.  The lake offered some spectacular views toward Kenya.  On the way out Mt. Kilimanjaro was just starting to show itself.

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  1. Beautiful country side. Thanks for sharing.