Sunday, December 4, 2016

Local Village Life Near Moshi

Fr. Landilini took me along to visit a friend he had grown up with that recently celebrated their 25th year as a religious sister.  His friend was staying at her mothers place near a small village at the base of Kilimanjaro.  The back story is the religious sister was the eldest born to a women who had been betrothed on the promise of marriage.  After the fifth child the father left the area for Dar Es Salem to find work with the promise to bring his family along when he found work and a place to live.  The father found more than work in Dar Es Salem, he also found a different wife.  Over the years his betrothed raised their children in Mosi as she was able.  With her children gown and on their own the women returned to her village, purchased a bit of land, built a small hut and planted a few crops to live on.  We met in her mud hut, shared a locally made "wine" and was given the opportunity to take her picture.

The daughter who celebrated her 25th year as a religious sister had received some monetary gifts which she used to pay for the foundation of a block house on the lot.  The following picture is of Fr. Fr. Landilini, the religious sister, her mother, a sister and some of the women's grandchildren.

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