Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting a glimpse of the country

 Today I got my camera out on the way out to the co-op and back again.  I tried to capture some of the traditional scenes of this country.  The two most dramatic sights today were the Ankole Long-Horned cow that is indigenous to Uganda and used to plow fields and two Vervet monkeys; I was able to capture a picture of the Ankole cows, but the Vervet's were too shy to be photographed.

Ankole Long-Horned Cow
The end product of the Ankole cow's work
This guy wishes he had an Ankole

Banana Crop

Cassava Crop
Free Range Pigs

Corral for cows and pigs

Home surrounded by bananas

A home in the bush
Burning is a typical first step to prepare land for farming
typical landscape
Another view of the land
Maze crop

A home in the bush
A store in the bush
Bicycles and motorcycles (boda bodas) are common modes of transport
The Masindi daily market

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