Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This journey is wrapping up

Monday the 23rd was my last day in Masindi working with the people of Pakanyi United Farmers Cooperative.  As is usual in such trips I probably learned more on the trip than they did from the classroom exercises.  Yesterday, Tuesday the 24th was spent traveling back to Kampala, a very busy city.  Along the way I was able to catch a few more photos of life in Uganda.

Leaving the red dust roads of Masindi

It took me a while to realize that buildings with paint on them were really billboards.  This one is for Nile beer

The pineapple express

Bus driver playing chicken up front and hauling them in back (zoom in on the top and back of the bus)

Men in White.  Traffic police stand in groups on the side of the road with handheld radar and simply wave you over if you are speeding

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